The JuJu hat invasion

New home decor trend, the JuJu hat. You see them in magazines, stores and on websites. What do you think, would you hang a JuJu above your head? Take a look at some examples, for what it’s worth I can say that i’m in love with the bright colours and the gold version:

What are those ‘JuJu hats’

JuJu hats are traditional african hats and are now more and more used as wall decoration. Great eyecatchers and you can find them in a any colour you wish. The JuJu hats are made of feathers and according to bohemiantreehouse a symbol of prosperity and reserved for royalty and prominate leaders among african tribes. The JuJu hats are also called Bamiléké feather headdress or Tyn Hat. Authentic JuJu Hats are around 30-32 inches in diameter and are made of rooster tails or coque tail feathers. If you’re a creative type you should make a JuJu hat yourself. Learn more about DIY JuJu hats on this blog, vintagefarmfurniture. Let me know if you make one and send me a picture! Not so creative but in real need of a JuJu? Look at the Kronbali blog, they sell them. Also take a look at: Bliss, Apartment #412, White Cabana and Flutter flutter.

JuJu hats


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