My week of culture: Foam & Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Last week I went to the Foam | All about Photography museum and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Foam | All about Photography

The Foam museum was smaller than I expected, but they had some nice collections. Especially liked the Jan Versweyveld – ‘Inbetweeners’ photographs and the Jan Hoek – ‘Me & My models’ exposition. Read more about the Jan Hoek photographs on the aubergine coat blog, there’s a great story behind the pictures. Used some of the picture of the aubergine coat blog in the impression bellow.

Jan Versweyveld & Jan Hoek impression

Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

In the Stedelijk Museum there was a (in my opinion) bit strange exposition of Mike Kelly and some beautiful paintings of van Gogh, Picasso and Mondriaan. Also discoverd the painting Bal Tabarin of Jan Sluijters. Love that piece of art, it reminds me of the Gustav Klimt paintings.


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