Feathers in Fashion

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#1 Feather Ring: By bending a gold-tone feather charm, a circular ring was created. The patina finish gives it an an aged look. Hello new vintage! Buy it at Etsy.com #2 Turqoise feather earrings: Fresh mint turquoise color dances about on these long feather earrings. The patina created a wonderful texture with touches of rust. Buy it at Etsy.com #3 SuperTrash Desma dress with a white romantic feather print, last pieces are sold on welikefashion #4 H&M peacock feather earrings, still regret nog buying those… #5 River Island red feather top, loving the dip hem! Get it online. #6 Gold feather necklace, this one is to expensive but a look-a-like will do. This one is from Alex Monroe#7 MaisonNL posted this gorgeous gold-plated feather bracelet on their Facebook page the day before valentine. Wish I had this one as a gift! #8 Someday i’m gonna buy some Blessed Jewelz jewelry. Love the boho look and how every piece is handmade. See more Blessed Jewelz online. #9 Discovered this great beauty weblog, especially like the tutorials. You should take a look: The Beauty Department #10 Saw this great feather painting ‘Light as a Feather’ on Pinterest and I found out that you can buy a printed version on Etsy. Also take a look at the blog: Lovely Sweet William.


One thought on “Feathers in Fashion

  1. I love this story, will have to pin some of your photos. I am from the Southwest and the American Indian culture is something I have grown up around and love how it is now incorporated into the boho look.

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