Zara home musthaves

Went to Zara Amsterdam this weekend and saw some nice home accessories on the top floor. Take a look at some picture of their lookbook. I really like the gold picture frames and mirror and love the white broken walls. Wish I had an old home where you can have a damaged wall like that. In combination with the brocante furniture, it gives a romantic feeling. Also like how they use seashells and recycled glass bottles as decoration, it gives a summer feeling.

Zara Home Lookbook

My Zara home musthaves

The musthaves: Sea through picture frames, leather key holder for on a table, tere hook for on a wall, small box with seashell on it, decorativ jar with golden details, small mirror pictureframe, bird hook, blue/white bowls, brocante hook. You can find the Zara home collection at

Zara musthaves orange


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