Where do you store your jewelry and gems?

Don’t hide your gems

Why hide your gems, when you can show them off? Why put your shiny things that cost a fortune in a dark wooden box or throw those musthave H&M necklaces or Primark earrings in random places? Looking on Pinterest and other blogs I saw that there are so many creative ways to display your jewels. I decided to put mine in cups and little bowls I bought in Asia and America. Tell me what you think and also look at the other creative ways for storing your jewelry. How do you store your gems?

My jewelry bowls

Sneek peak in my room! Below you can see how I store my jewelry, I used bowls that I bought on my trips to Asia & America. I bought the silver table in Marocco.

Creative ways of displaying your jewelry

Take a look at some other inspirational pic’s I found on Pinterest and other blogs. Love the pics with the deer head, the silver maroccan table and I also adore the way how that white statue is combined with jewelry. What’s your favorite?

Want to see more creative ways to store your jewelry?

Take a look at the blogpost of Shopblupepper, i love the blue colors. Fancy things has also some inspirational pictures, like the macaron trinket box. Stay in the lines is also nice, she has a nice DIY blogpost.


4 thoughts on “Where do you store your jewelry and gems?

  1. Fijne inspiratiefoto’s, leuk ook hoe je je sieraden zelf hebt opgeborgen. In plaats van deze ietwat drukke etnische stijlen heb ik zelf alles in verschillende glazen schaaltjes!

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