Interior inspiration: Recycled, vintage glass

Jars, vases, bottles, cups or bowls made of glass… I’m in love with all of them! Especially the blue bottles with colourful pink or orange flowers in it are my favourites. Found my own big, sea blue bottle already and combined it with a cotton branch. Although, I think I will change that soon for a spring branche with pink or white flowers. But first the spring season has to show itself a little bit more in Holland, still freezing my ass off to often! Yesterday and today where nice by the way, but before that… really too cold for me.

What do you think:

Interior inspiration

Found these pictures on Pinterest, but also on Emmaline Bride, Eenig wonenDenise in Bloom, Martha Stewart. I love how the blue bottles and vases are combined with the pink peony roses and blossom branches. Also like that big jar with yellow soda and tap, something like that would be great for a garden party and also love, love, loveeee the vintage perfume bottles!

Buy your own and DIY

In need for your own vintage look jar, recycled bottle or vase? Take a look at the items below and shop them at, Hema, Van Verre, HK Living, Ikea or at H&M. Also look at DIY that I found on Pinterest, really want to do that some day.


3 thoughts on “Interior inspiration: Recycled, vintage glass

  1. I really like your story on collecting and displaying bottles. My grandmother collected old bottle that she would find thrown from trains in the early 1900’s and because she started collected as a young person, now my sister enjoy the bottles displays as you have shown above. It is amazing glass bottles could last such long journey’s. Finding bottles in an antique/vintage shop or garage sale and wondering the history of the bottles and what they were used for is part of the collecting experience. Thank you for sharing. ( and

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