Fashion trend: Just. Shred. It.

What do you think of this new, edgy trend where you shred your tees and tanks? Love or hate the shape of a skull on your back and the shredded sleeves and front? Either way you can buy one, but more fun and creative are the DIY that The Fashion Stalker already did as well as Desire and Inspire. Let me know what you think! I’m curious :)

Too sexy for my ‘shredded’ shirt

Want to buy one shredded tee yourself?

Buy your black shredded skull tee at ModeMusthaves, shop the grey sleeveless tee at Miss Iny and find the light blue shreeded tee with silver studds on the sholders at online webshop Vestique. Found the picture of the white lace skull tee at They Call Mee Jilli. Happy shopping or good luck with your DIY!


4 thoughts on “Fashion trend: Just. Shred. It.

  1. Ik hou er van! Maar dat wist je waarschijnlijk al, na het lezen van mijn DIY van de ‘cut out skull tee’ :)
    Ik vind de lay out van je blog trouwens erg mooi!

    x. Michelle

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