All about crocheting and lace

Okay it’s official, I think it’s already summer season inside my head. When I’m looking online for new fashion pieces to buy or things to inspire me, I always end up looking at the summer items! And since I found myself falling in love again and again with the lace and crochet items, I thought, why not make a blogpost about it. I was collecting the pictures on my laptop anyway. Take at look at my wishlist, inspirational pic’s and my new perfect white zara dress!

Gimme some crochet and lace pieces

Want more lace or crochet inspiration?

I found some pictures on Modern GirlLookbook, Beads lace and shoesHairstyles and Beauty tips, The girl from the blog. You can buy the Vestique top online for 36,50 dollars and i found the Windsorstore shorts for 24,90 dollars at Sassyphant’s blog.

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