Loving my Aztec trousers | Zara

Aztec shorts, aztec tops, aztec accessories… I’m loving it all! So when I saw this pair of trousers at Zara with beaded Aztec details on the side I bought it immediatly. I love the colourful beads and the blue washed colour of the pants. It’s going to be perfect for a spring or summer day when you go for a walk at the beach, when you are just chilling at home watching a movie or when you go backpacking through Asia or South America! I think i will combine it with a white tanktop or off shoulder top from SuperTrash, my Ray Ban aviator and a pair of nice flip flops or sandals. What do you think of the white Hip&Chic flip flops by the way? Take a look and let me know what you think!

My blue velour trousers with aztec details

Aztec prints at Zara

Well, what do you think? Fell in love as well? The pants are from Zara TRF and cost 39,95 euros. I bought a size S, but they also have size M. I bought the small one, because i like the trousers better when they fit a little bit tighter. Want to see the Zara pictures? Take a look below.

Want more Zara inspiration?

Want to see more pictures of things I bought at Zara? Take a look at my perfect white zara dress. Unfortunately the weather is still bad here, so I haven’t wore it yet. But summer will be here soon hopefully!

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