Travel tip USA #1 Go to Page.

First of all, if you get the chance you should really make a roadtrip trhough the US. I only visited California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona, but I really want to go back and see some more of North America. But… When you are doing trip like mine you should really visit Page! Also known as ‘The Biggest Little Town in the Desert’. You can find Page in Arizona, not far from Lake Powell and also on the route of Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Why visit? Well, take a look at the pictures below and you know why. In my opinion words can’t describe it properly.

Antilope canyon

What you saw on the pictures are Antilope Canyon and the Horse Shoe Bend. Antilope Canyon is on Navajo ground and was formed by erosion due to flash flooding. Our guide even told us that a group of tourist died when they where visiting Antilope Canyon when a flood suprised them. They couldn’t get out on time, so that’s pretty scary! Luckily we survived. When we visited Antilope Canyon we saw a lot of professional photographers and I hope you can see, looking at my pictures, why they all go there. The colours of the walls are so amazing and the light that’s coming from above gives an almost magical effect.

Horse Shoe Bend

Horse Shoe Bend is actually the name for the colorado river that’s shaped in the form of a horse shoe in a place near Page. We only saw it from above, but I guess that’s the best view anyway. I think the Horse Shoe Bend is a hidden gem, but it’s really worth visiting. See the pictures if you don’t believe me ;) Want more tips our blogposts about my USA roadtrip? Let me know!

USA roadtrip

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7 thoughts on “Travel tip USA #1 Go to Page.

  1. toffe blog! En wat gaaf dat je al zoveel reizen hebt gemaakt en gaat maken, ik ben jaloers! Ook knap hoe je fashion en backpacken kan combineren:P

  2. Wauw, wat gaaf dat je zo’n trip door Amerika hebt gemaakt! En wat een prachtige foto’s zeg! Het lijkt me echt geweldig om daar nog eens rond te reizen (of waar dan ook)

    • Ja zijn allemaal tijdens de reis gemaakt :) was ook echt zo vet om te doen! We hadden een camper voor 2 weken en het is echt niet normaal hoeveel je in zo’n tijd daar kunt zien.

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