Pull and Bear inspiration

I stumbled on the Pull and Bear website today and discovered some nice fashion pieces. The grey printed dress with black parts on the side probably looks like some sort of wetsuit to you, but on the model it looks pretty feminine! Also the brown skirt may look a little bit boring… But when you combine it with a white top, a nice statement necklace and some cute sandals it will be the perfect summer outfit in my opinion. See for yourself ;) also love the blue colours of the statement necklace below and really need some harem pants for my vacation to mexico this year! What do you think of the other pieces? Especially the white blouse with black details in the left lower corner… I’m not sure if I love or hate it.. When I was at River Island some weeks ago I saw something similar but had the same feeling. So please tell me your opinion :)

Pull and bear lookbook

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7 thoughts on “Pull and Bear inspiration

    • Ja dat heb ik ook.. maarja aan de andere kant kan je opzich ook wel weer terug sturen natuurlijk. Weet je waar Pull & Bear nog meer zit in NL naast Den Haag?

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