Interior inspiration: vintage cabinets

Today’s interior inspiration consists of vintage cabinets! I really love to combine vintage furniture with more industrial modern pieces,  the first picture with the walk-in closet is a good example and I also like the picture where a yellow cabinet has been put in a bathroom and how they built a sink in it. If you are looking for your own vintage cabinet you should go to the dutch Loods5,  you can find some beautiful cabinets there. Marktplaats and ebay are also some good places to spot some. Oh and also don’t forget your grandparent’s house, you maybe wouldn’t say so but it’s the place to spot some hidden gems. Well take a look and get inspired! Don’t forget to tell me which one is your favourite.


3 thoughts on “Interior inspiration: vintage cabinets

  1. We’ve just recently been on the hunt for a cupboard for the bathroom and found an old shoe cupboard. It looks fantastic and provides us with plenty of storage. If you’re interested, you can check out how it looks in the bathroom.xox

  2. Very lovely pictures you found, I love the first one with the picture frames above the clothing rack. Those picture frames and books look stunning. I do hope that I can also make something like that in my room some day.

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