Travel tip USA #2: Hawaii

Paradise - kopie

Last year I went to Hawaii, one of the greatest places to relax and surf in the USA. We stayed in Honolulu, it’s on the island of Oahu, and from there we made some cool day trips. One day we went to the North shore to see some monster waves and after that we made a day trip to Hanauma bay for a snorkelling experience. I would love to go back there and see some more, but first things first, because i’m going to give you some Hawaii must do’s!


Go swimming, meet some turtles

One of the best things that I did on my trip to Hawaii was snorkelling. We went to Hanauma Bay for a day trip and it was beautiful there. The sea was clear blue, we had great weather and when we went into the water we saw the most beautiful fishes. I especially loved the turtles, swimming with them was a totally new and magical experience for me. One advise, if you are planning to go there you should go early because it can get very crowded. Also prepare yourself for the big groups of tourist from Asia, they come with hundreds and are not always the best swimmers ;)

2 Go snorkeling in hawaii

Discover new places

One day we bought some random bustickets and went to the other side of the island. We drove by the Dole pineaple plantation but decided to skip that and we ended up at the north shore where we hoped to see some monster waves. When we arrived they were not that big, but I have heared that the real monster waves in Hawaii can swell up to 20 feet. Really big if you ask me! Also not so strange that in the high season some big surf events are held there.

3 Discover new places

Drink a Mai Tai

Although the Mai Tai originally comes from California, it’s nowadays a very populair drink in Hawaii. When you go out, you should really try one. The Mai Tai cocktails are made from rum, liqueur, sugar and fresh lime juice. We had one near the beach in Honolulu in a cute colourful restaurant.

Drink a Mai Tai

Enjoy a sunset

Going to Hawaii you should really take time to watch the sunset every night. I have watched some pretty awesome ones there. And to make your evening complete, buy a box of Hawaiian Host filled with milky chocolats with macadamias in it. Imagine a warm summer breeze, find a cute boy to hold you and you never want to leave ;) at least I didn’t!

4 Enjoy the sunset

Go surfing

Last but not least, go surfing! Hire a board and go into that beautiful blue water. Don’t you know how to ride a wave? Just take some lessons and learn the basics. You’re certainly not ready for the real monster waves after that, but i’m pretty sure you can stand on your board. Oh and when you end your surfday, put some flowers near the Duke Kahanamoku statue. It’s the iconic Waikiki statue of the father of modern surfing.

5 Go surfing


6 thoughts on “Travel tip USA #2: Hawaii

  1. Ik hou echt van jou blog! Je thema’s zijn echt precies mijn favoriete onderwerpen om over te lezen. Ik wil ooit ook nog wel een keer naar Hawaii! Vooral de Aqua hotels zien er altijd zo mooi uit :)

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