Food Adventures #1

food adventures

You might not know this yet, but I’m a real foodie. Good food is one of the things that I can’t take my  mind off, my boyfried even makes jokes about it so you can imagine how food obsessed I can be. I’m not the best cook in the world, so therefore Contentable hasn’t become a food blog ;) but I thought, why not give some travel inspiration about food. I have visited so many places where I want to back, just for the things that I have tasted there. It maybe sounds strange, but really i’m not kidding. I wish I could have taken the recipe home or even better the food stall or restaurant. In this post i’ll tell you about three longed-for foods that are out of reach and if you like this one maybe more will follow! Enjoy and good luck with not getting too hungry.

1. Thai Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut

Who has been to Thailand knows probably exactly what i’m talking about. Mango sticky rice with coconut sauce is a Thai dessert and especially in Bangkok you can buy it everywhere. Go to one of the many food stalls or order it at a restaurant where it’s likely to be on the desert menu. Mango sticky rice with coconut consists out of, prepare yourself… mango, rice and coconut ;) what a shock. The rice is salty and sticky and combined with the sweet mango and perfect coconut sauce it’s one of the best desert you’ll ever get. Want to DIY? Try the instructions on this blog: The Kitchn. I’ve read on many blogs that it’s pretty easy to make, so let me know if you tried!

2. Brazilian Acaraje!

Okay I discovered that you can’t make a nice picture of Acaraje and it also needs some explanation because you can’t really tell what’s in it. The first time that I tried it in Brazil was when I was visiting Salvador and it was really good, somebody of our hotel recommended it and we ended up eating it a lot that vacation. Acaraje is made from peas, some sort of beans, that’s formed into a ball and then fried. After frying the ball is filled up with vegetables and if you like some shrimps are added as well. I often took the vegetarian version. It’s probably not the most healthy food in the world, since it’s fried, but the taste is really good and because of the vegetables everything is nice and juicy. Another pretty fun thing, acaraje is often sold by a little bit older typical brazilian woman in a huge dress. Looks pretty awesome, so getting one is an adventure in itself.

3. Italian Taleggio with sweet onions

Oh my… how I love Italian food. Especially deserts like tiramisu or panforte, but also pasta’s, salads and sandwiches… I could eat it everyday. At the top of my Italian food list is a sandwich with taleggio cheese and sweet onions. I got it a few years ago and it was the best sandwich I have ever had. So therefore my number #3 is the Italian Taleggio sandwich. Oh and if you want to try it someday, the taleggio cheese, prepare yourself for the smell!

Which one of the above would you like to try and what is your longed for food out of reach? Let me know!


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