Travel wishlist: Cherry blossoming in Japan

Last year I already went to Japan, but unfortunately it was not the time of the cherry blossoming. Cherry what?! Yes, cherry blossoming. It’s the time in Japan when the flowers in all the trees start to bloom. The whole world seems to be covered in pinkness. The cherry blossom festival in Japan is also called The Japanese Sakura or annual hanami and people celebrate that spring has come. Flowers in Japan represent a new beginning and life. Most people go to the park to picknick with family and friends during this celebration. Take a look at some pic’s I found online and I bet that after this post, it’s on your bucketlist as well!

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Best places to watch the cherry blossoming

As mentioned before one of the best places to watch the cherry blossoming is in the park. The Japanese Sakura is in april and march, so that’s the best time to visit. In early april some of the best places in Tokyo are the Shinjuku Gyoen, Ueno park or Chidorigafuchi. When you are in Osaka, you must go to the Osaka castle. You can watch this beautiful building while it’s surounded by perfect pink trees. Kyoto is by itself one of the best places to visit in Japan in my opinion, but I can imagine that it gets even better when you go there during the cherry blossoming. Visit the Ninnaji temple, the Philosopher’s path or walk up to the kiyomizu temple and taste some green tea sweets on the way.


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