Let a little light shine

I never thought of it before, but since I’m decorating my house I discovered how hard it is to find beautiful lamps that fit in your interior. Ofcourse you have people who just choose the most basic ceiling lamp there is, but in my opinion a beautiful lamp can give something extra to a room. At the moment I’m saving for a Jielde. I’m thinking about buying a vintage one online in France and let it ship to Holland, but you also have some brand new ones at Sissy Boy that look pretty great. The pricetag of the new ones are only a little bit above my budget at the moment.. So when I want one of those some more saving is very necesarry! Below you find some pictures of Jielde lamps, but also some pic’s of the great lamps of Lee Broom, a few Edison lamps and some cool industrial ones. Enjoy:

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